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Know better.
Do better.


Connecting Dietitians & Health professionals with
innovative learning experiences to develop new skills in building
a courageous, body-inclusive practice.


Our work matters, and so do you.

You care about people & are feeling frustrated by the limitations of a weight-centric health system.

You want to do great work in the world but may feel alone and unsure of where to start.

Welcome to The Mindful Dietitian, a community of Dietitians & Health Professionals committed to doing the brave work of dismantling diet culture. Together, we’ll empower you to connect with your inner wisdom, and stay grounded in our collective mission to help others live a life well-lived.



Live workshops offer rich & unique opportunities to join colleagues in digging down into some of our most important work. Develop new ideas, knowledge, and insights that leave you feeling more confident & courageous in the way you work with clients.


Online Learning

When live training & education just isn't accessible or convenient, you can still nourish your mind! Online Learning offers a variety of webinars, short and long courses, plus freebies to support you in expanding & deepening your confidence in building a client-centered, body-inclusive practice.


Nourish Your Mind & Work


Hi, I’m Fiona Sutherland!

I work with Dietitians & health professionals to bring body & food healing messages to the world. With 20 years of experience in Eating Disorders, Body Image & Counseling Skills, I’m committed to Mindfulness & Self Compassion practices that help both the practitioner and client.

Most importantly, I am a passionate believer that the work we do, individually & collectively, really matters.

We all want to do great work in supporting others, but it's tough to do it alone. It's time to get brave, dig deep, and stand tall in the important mission of body & food healing. I'm here to help.