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There's nothing quite like sharing a space with like-minded colleagues - others who also want to lean into the hard stuff, build skills, and bring greater insight and depth into our work and life.

Through high-quality learning that’s innovative & interactive (whilst also keeping it real and fun!), join me and your peers as you supercharge your practice with a live workshop.

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Bringing Presence to Tough Conversations - New York City, San Diego

Host: Fiona Sutherland

This is a workshop for Dietitians and Therapists to build skills in navigating conversations, interactions and tricky moments - with clients, colleagues, or anyone - with greater insight, presence, and skillfulness. We’ll focus primarily on the practitioner experience and have important conversations about:

  • WHY our presence matters

  • HOW we can cultivate awareness to make a bigger difference

  • WHAT are the practical skills we can take into everyday practice and life with us.

Dates & Locations

New York City March 17th, 2019
San Diego March 20th, 2019

Price: USD$229

Non Diet Approach Training for Dietitians

Hosts: Fiona Sutherland & Fiona Willer

With a thorough explanation of the evidence-based knowledge, as well as experientials and role plays demonstrated by the facilitators, this professional development event will help you to build foundational competence around using this mode of treatment with your clients and patients.

Dates, Locations & more details:


HAES Professionals Retreat - Vermont, USA

Hosts: Dianne Bondy & Fiona Sutherland

Join friends and colleagues in a spectacular location for 4 days to reconnect with community and re-energise your passion for doing meaningful, body-inclusive work in the world.

Breathe In - the warmth and energy of a like-minded community who “get it”
Breathe Out - the challenges of living & working in diet culture.

Feel held by experienced retreat facilitators who love to both dig deep into the tough stuff, AND have fun.

Dates & Locations

Vermont, USA August 25-29th, 2019