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There's nothing quite like sharing a space with like-minded colleagues - others who also want to lean into the hard stuff, build skills, and bring greater insight and depth into our work and life.

Through high-quality learning that’s innovative & interactive (whilst also keeping it real and fun!), join me and your peers as you supercharge your practice with a live workshop.




Non Diet Approach Training for Dietitians

Hosts: Fiona Sutherland & Fiona Willer

With a thorough explanation of the evidence-based knowledge, as well as experientials and role plays demonstrated by the facilitators, this professional development event will help you to build foundational competence around using this mode of treatment with your clients and patients.

Day 1: Weight Science, Principles to Practice

Day 2: Social Justice, Ethical practice & Communication

Dates, Locations & more details about days 1 & 2:


HAES Professionals Retreat - Vermont, USA

Hosts: Dianne Bondy & Fiona Sutherland

Join friends and colleagues in a spectacular location for 4 days to reconnect with community and re-energise your passion for doing meaningful, body-inclusive work in the world.

Breathe In - the warmth and energy of a like-minded community who “get it”
Breathe Out - the challenges of living & working in diet culture.

Feel held by experienced retreat facilitators who love to both dig deep into the tough stuff, AND have fun.

Dates & Locations

Vermont, USA August 25-29th, 2019

Non Diet Approach: Principles, Practice, Purpose

 Hosts: Fiona Sutherland & Haley Goodrich (InspiRD Nutrition, USA)

SAVE $$ with Early Bird rates until June 10th, plus GROUP discounts (see each event for more information)

This 2-day workshop, held in collaboration with the WIND Symposium in Washington DC (which will be held on 15th Sept) will bring together the principles of the Non Diet Approach along with digging into the nuance & challenges which come along with working within this framework.

Day 1 will cover Non Diet Approach from principles to practice, exploring the history of Non Diet Approaches approaches, then diving into each component in turn and pull it all together in a clear, cohesive, practical way. We’ll use practical scenarios & case presentations to bring the principles to life & leave you feeling more clear about how to bring these principles into practice. Importantly, we will also be looking at who we are missing in these approaches & how we can promote equitable care for all people.

Day 2 will explore using consistent language throughout your brand and social media to connect with your audience and build trust. We will practice communicating the Non Diet Approach to other professionals, so that you can be a more effective advocate & share the work you do with clarity. We will identify and unpack common clinician blocks and “stuck points,” and learn how to clearly respond to interview style questions eg. in media opportunities.

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 Introduction to ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) for Dietitians - Melbourne

Hosted by Fiona Sutherland

August 19th, 2019

ACT offers a powerful, engaging & effective therapeutic model of care that, alongside other behavioural change-oriented therapies such as Motivational Interview (MI), invites Dietitians to investigate the intersection of - amongst other themes - acceptance, mindfulness & values. ACT is a beautiful match for Non Diet Approaches & invites us all to be active participants in practice, as we seek to understand our own mind & experience alongside others.

The primary goal of ACT is to support a meaningful life alongside the difficulties which inevitably arise as a result of being human. It incorporates mindfulness in a really practical way, so we can better understand the way our minds work via skill-based curiosity & compassion.

We will explore the 6 core processes of ACT one by one then offer practical Dietetic contexts for how you might bring this into practice. ACT is very much an inside-out model of care, and thus, we are going to give everything a try ourselves to develop a deeper understanding about how the principles relate to us all, both personally & professionally.

Price: AUD$205

Bringing Presence to Tough Conversations.png

Bringing Presence to Tough Conversations

Host: Fiona Sutherland

This is a workshop for Dietitians and Therapists to build skills in navigating conversations, interactions and tricky moments - with clients, colleagues, or anyone - with greater insight, presence, and skillfulness. We’ll focus primarily on the practitioner experience and have important conversations about:

  • WHY our presence matters

  • HOW we can cultivate awareness to make a bigger difference

  • WHAT are the practical skills we can take into everyday practice and life with us.

Dates & Locations

Brisbane - dates TBC

Sydney & Auckland - contact me if you’re interested!

Price: AUD$205