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Online Learning

Not everyone has the opportunity to attend live workshops or conference, but that’s OK! You can still build your skills and confidence from the comfort of your own computer, in your own time. Stay connected and build your skills in a way that is time & life-friendly.


 long Online Courses

Indepth courses designed with at least 10 hours of content and divided into bite-sized modules to watch and listen at a pace that suits you.
Includes downloadables, resources, and a self assessment quiz for CPD Points (Australia only).


Eating Disorders in Sport

Hosted by: Fiona Sutherland & Shane Jeffrey

It’s widely understood that eating disorders are a significant issue within the athlete setting, across ages, sports and genders. Yet, Dietitians and other health professionals often feel ill-equipped to tackle some of the tricky presentations or situations which may arise.

By the end of this course, our aim is for you to leave significantly more confident in your ability to assess, educate, support and provide leadership to promote effective communication channels within your sporting setting, so you can effectively communicate & address eating disorders.

The course features 8 experts speaking about their specialist areas and 20 hours of videos, audios and downloadables you can take into your practice right away.

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Body Image: The Missing Piece of Whole Body Healing

Hosted by: Fiona Sutherland & Marci Evans

As clinicians, we know that dieting and constantly driving to change the body harms people, and keeps them stuck in the merry-go-round of body-hating hell. Even well-intentioned and highly trained clinicians can do harm if they’re not sure of what to do, and can be drawn into people’s body distress and find ourselves backed into a corner. We also know that diet culture, Dr Google and the latest round of “wellness experts” can be noisy, and very seductive.

If you are looking to enhance your nutrition counseling skills and confidence when working with eating disorders, chronic dieting, and any condition that impacts how someone feels about their body, this is definitely the training you’ve been waiting for.

This course is the online version of the hugely successful 2018 Live Body Image training tour which Marci & Fi took across the USA and into the UK.

OTHER Online Courses

Courses designed with 3-6 hours of online content divided into modules to support learning & reflection.
Includes downloadables, resources, and a self assessment quiz for CPD Points (Australia only)



Body Positive in Sport

Host: Fiona Sutherland

Support your athletes and active clients to connect with their bodies in ways which improves body image and enhances performance


  • Understand how to define "body image" and "body image work" both for yourself & your athletes

  • Identify risk factors & vulnerabilities for poor body image, specifically in athletes and active people

  • Develop skills in body image screening and assessment

  • Identify common tripping points

  • Build skills in communication and taking practical body positive ideas into practice


What's included

  • 6 hours of online video & audio content

  • 50% off code for a pack of "Body Positive in Sport" cards

AUD $149/USD $129

(payment plans available)

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Mindful Eating Skills COMING SOON

Host: Fiona Sutherland

Move beyond the basics to deepen your insight, build skills, & get practical with this short course exploring mindfulness and eating behaviour.


  • Get crystal clear on your understanding of mindfulness principles

  • Identify & assess your client's readiness to practice mindful eating

  • Understand what gets in the way of mindful eating

  • Utilise and share practical skills

  • Develop confidence in bringing mindful eating practices into your client sessions


What's included

  • 5 hours of online learning that never expires

  • 4 mindfulness recordings for you to practice & reflect

  • All slides & scripts

  • Downloadable resources

  • BONUS discount code for 50% off a pack of "Mindful Eating Cards"

AUD $149/
USD $129
(payment plans available)


Up to 2 hours of content, plus downloadables & resources for you to take immediately into practice.
Includes self assessment quiz for CPD Points (Australia only).

mindful eating essentials

Online Learning

exploring appetite

Online Learning


Food Cues



food-body-mind series




Mindful Eating Essentials

(Part 1 of Food-Body-Mind Series)

This webinar will step you through the core principles of Mindfulness and specifically how it relates to food & eating.


  • Develop a solid grounding & understanding of core Mindfulness principles

  • Understand the how, when and why of Mindful Eating

  • Identify what gets in the way - for our clients, and US!

  • Identify how mindfulness principles intersect with the eating experience

  • Participate in a Mindful Eating practice, & build confidence in taking it into practice

  • Explore how you might use your Mindful Eating cards as a resource


What is included

  • 1 hr online learning session that never expires

  • All slides, scripts

  • Client-ready handouts & resources

AUD $49/US $39



Exploring Appetite

(Part 2 of the Food-Body-Mind Series)

Many clients and patients struggle with their ability to understand and respond appropriately to their own natural body signals. This webinar will explore various ways you can discuss the ideas of hunger, fullness and satiety as 3 distinct, separate processes, and support your clients in taking charge of their response to honour their natural needs with respectful, individually-appropriate nutrition. This course is skills-based, with activities and resources that you can take into sessions straight away, if you wish.


  • How to present ideas of hunger, fullness and satiety to your clients as separate but interlinked processes

  • How to use resources as an aid to support your clients to cultivate greater connections with their intuitive signals

  • Looking beyond the "1-10" scale to more complex presentations and tricky situations


What is included

  • 1 hr online content which never expires

  • Copy of all Slides & content

  • Client-ready handouts

  • Experientials & activities for you to take into practice

  • Audio recording + script of meditations & reflections

AUD $49/USD $39




Dip your toe into online learning with these free resources, no strings attached! 


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