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Non Diet Approach - Principles, Practice, Purpose WASHINGTON DC

  • Washington DC USA (map)

Hosted by Fiona Sutherland & Haley Goodrich




Early bird rates give you $40 off single tickets (or $120 off group rates) UNTIL JUNE 1OTH using the code EBNDA

Group rates give you a BONUS $25 off each ticket - grab your friends & book together to save!

BONUS 10% discount on the WIND Symposium when you register for the Non Diet Approach Workshop (code upon registration)


This 2-day workshop, presented by Fiona Sutherland (The Mindful Dietitian, Australia) & Haley Goodrich (INSPIRD Nutrition, USA) will bring together the principles of the Non Diet Approach along with really diving into the nuance & challenges which come along with working within this framework.

The WIND (Weight Inclusive in Nutrition & Dietetics Symposium) is to be held the next day, Saturday Sept 14th - sign up to either Non Diet Approach Workshop or WIND Symposium to get 10% off the other event upon registration.

What can I expect?

Day 1 will cover Non Diet Approach from principles to practice, clarifying how a variety of practice principles fit neatly together with this model of client-centered care. We will explore the history of these approaches, then dive into each component in turn then pull it all together in a clear, cohesive, practical way. Importantly, we will also be looking at who we are missing in these approaches & how we can promote equitable care for all people..

We will be presenting in a variety of learning styles - didactic, insight-oriented & discussions.

Day 2 will start with learning how to use consistent language throughout your brand and social media to connect with your audience and build their trust. We will then practice communicating the non-diet approach to other professionals, so that you can effectively share the work you do and advocate on behalf of your clients. We will identify and unpack common clinician blocks and stuck points, and learn how to clearly respond to interview style questions and in media opportunities. Together we will apply these skills in thoughtfully responding to clients and weight-centric referring providers to promote collaborative care.


2 day Non Diet Approach Workshop USD$445/ticket

2 day Non Diet Approach Workshop GROUP RATE (3 people)

USD$1260 (USD$420 per ticket)

Save with $40 off ($120 off already discounted group tickets) with Early bird rates, use code EBNDA for individual or EARLY3 for groups until 10th June


Workshop Learning Objectives

  • Gain understanding of what the Non-Diet Approach is, including the principles and tools to implement into your practice

  • Learn to identify your blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs, and the skills to navigate uncertainty.

  • Gain confidence in communicating the non-diet approach to other professionals, creating a consistent message, and growing a sustainable practice


Is this workshop suitable for me?

You may have heard of the Non Diet Approach, and may be familiar with the basics, but want to really dig in & learn more about how the principles translate to practice…. you may relate to the following:

  • You’re wondering what working from a Non Diet perspective sounds and looks like in real life, particularly when client cases or workplace conversations are not straight forward.

  • You are wanting to do work in the world which makes a real difference to people; your clients, our colleagues & our professions.

  • You are feeling dissatisfied in your work, directionless in how to help your clients, or have the desire to expand your skills as a non-diet clinician

  • You recognize the importance of supporting people of all different bodies, backgrounds, and walks of life move toward a place of food and body peace.

  • You’re struggling with your confidence as a clinician to incorporate the Non-Diet Approach into your practice

  • You are a student interested in breaking the mold and being apart of the rapidly evolving field of nutrition and dietetics

  • You don’t want to feel isolated, particularly when times get tough. You’d prefer to feel a sense of community in doing collective work which can challenge us.


As a result of attending this workshop, you will gain:

Ethical practice: Develop a deeper understanding of and incorporating the Non-Diet Approach into your work to ensure alignment with ethical practice

Client retention: When clients feel understood, heard, and empowered, they choose to invest time and resources into the relationship

Sustainability: Your practice and work will be known for high quality offerings, progressiveness, a strong referral resource, credibility, and client-centered care.

Clear communication: When we are clear on what we are trying to accomplish, who we are trying to support, and how we are going to do it, that feeling of needing to ‘convince’ others is replaced with leadership.

Community: Join thousands of others throughout the world who are also doing this work. You won’t be alone.

Clarity: Gain clarity about how your personal & professional mission, vision & values intersects with doing meaningful work in the world.

Grounded: Feel more at home in what you are bringing to your professional practice & colleague interactions.

Consistency: Understand what it looks, sounds & feels like when we are offering consistent messages, & how we might tell if we are off-track



What’s included?

Snacks, lunch

Workbook with all notes & materials you can take into your practice straight away

Are there CEU’s provided for this workshop?

Yes. 14 CEU’s are provided for US Dietitians. We are able to provide a certificate for all attendees.

I am a therapist - is this suitable for me?

Yes. This is a framework very applicable to any therapeutic profession. Many therapists are now attending Non Diet Approach workshops, identifying that it’s important to understand the work clients are doing in collaboration with the Dietitian.

I am a student/newbie - is this suitable for me?

Yes. We welcome anyone who has a curious and open mind. Seasoned or not, new or review, this information will either be a steep learning curve or a refresh to your existing practice.

I am not working in private practice….is this OK?

This workshop is suitable for anyone who works with other humans and may be applied across  a wide variety of settings & workspaces.

Can I do these days separately, or only as a 2-day package?

This workshop is a 2-day offering only. However, the WIND (Weight Inclusive Nutrition & Dietetics) Symposium is an additional


Please contact me directly if you have any questions - we are more than happy to respond!

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