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HAES Professionals Retreat with Dianne Bondy & Fiona Sutherland - Vermont, USA

Hosts: Dianne Bondy & Fiona Sutherland

Join friends and colleagues in a spectacular location for 4 days to reconnect with community and re-energise your passion for doing meaningful, body-inclusive work in the world.
Breathe In - the warmth and energy of a like-minded community who “get it”
Breathe Out - the challenges of living & working in diet culture.

Feel held by experienced retreat facilitators who love to both dig deep into the tough stuff, AND have fun.

Suitable for:

  • Health professionals (from any background) with a sound understanding of, and commitment to, Health At Every Size ® principles

  • Folks who wish to connect with, and be in community with others who share a commitment to equitable, body-inclusive care

  • Those wanting to explore how yoga intersects with HAES and social justice - taking your practice from the mat into your communities.

“Workshops” & Community Sessions will include:

  • Yoga, Connection & Social Justice

  • Embodying Values & Purpose

  • “Couch-based bookclub” - as a group, we’ll decide on a book or two and come together to dissect & discuss them!

Rooms available:

  • Single (1 only)

  • Twin/Double Share (10 places)

  • Multi-share (9 places)

Including Room configurations, Rates, inclusions, travel options and much more!



Your hosts

For more than twenty years, Dianne Bondy has been leading a yoga revolution: empowering students to come to the mat as they are, educating teachers on the need for inclusivity in yoga and leading systematic change within the yoga industrial complex.
Dianne serves on the Advisory Board for ASDAH (the Association for Size Diversity & Health) and the author of the new, inclusive yoga book, Yoga For Everyone: 50 Poses for Every Type of Body

More information about Dianne HERE



Fiona Sutherland is a body inclusive Dietitian & Yoga Teacher from Melbourne Australia, Director of The Mindful Dietitian & Co-Director of Body Positive Australia. Fi is an experienced retreat host, professional supervisor and clinician, passionate about the importance of community in building our own longevity and resilience in our doing body-inclusive work.

More about Fiona HERE