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Finding Satisfaction in Dietetics

Hosted by Kori Kostka RD and Angela Cuddy RD

Date: Saturday, March 23

Time: 12 noon EST - 3 PM EST

Registration: $69 early bird ends February 23! ($99 regular price)

This event will be recorded if you cannot attend live.

After this webinar, you will be able to:

  • answer "What's not working for you?" and "What is it you're unsatisfied with?"

  • work through a thorough career self-assessment

  • deconstruct the excuses that are spinning you in circles and leaving you with deadends

  • answer if private practice is actually right for you? Is it a hobby or a business?

  • be invited to two tracks follwowing this webinar:

1. Straight Talk on setting up a business - some people are making it look easy - is it? We will give you the HONEST answers. No bull. AND a stepwise approach to getting set up. 
2. Straight Talk on changing careers - can you just walk into something else? We will give you some tough love. No bull. AND help you get started on the path to a new direction.