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Bringing Presence to Tough Conversations (San Diego)

  • LePort Montessori School 1010 Solana Drive Del Mar United States (map)

Hosted by Fiona Sutherland


A workshop for Dietitians and Therapists to build skills in navigating conversations, interactions and tricky moments - with clients, colleagues, anyone - with greater insight, presence and skillfulness. Focussing primarily on the practitioner experience (with skills you can share with your clients too!), we will be having important conversations about

WHY our presence matters
HOW we can cultivate specific types of awareness which makes a difference and
WHAT are the practical skills we can take into everyday practice and life with us.


What to Expect

Bringing together the important topics of Mindfulness and Body Image, you will leave this workshop feeling refreshed, confident and more capable of bringing your best into each and every contact you have with clients and colleagues.

Know exactly what to try when you're feeling sooooo "over it", and using your "tuning in skills" you'll be better equipped to handle those tough conversations around food, eating and body image.

Meet lots of people who share the same dilemmas as you, and will have your most burning questions answered. We'll dig into some tricky topics, have lots of discussion and definitely get into some practice! I'll aim to provide an environment where we can nudge your edges & support you to explore ways to elevate, deepen and broaden your skills.

Dive into one of my favourite topics of "integration" and how mindfulness practices (hint: it's not just about sitting on a cushion!) supports both our, and our clients healing, with particular emphasis on it's application with people we see who really struggle with their body image.

Geek on out with some of the research and I'll be sharing with you specific tools, skills and resources you can take with you into practice right away.

Sounds all too serious? Nah! We'll definitely have fun. Guaranteed.

You can expect this workshop to definitely be steeped in weight and body inclusive Health At Every Size (R) principles, no exceptions. All bodies are welcome (and please reach out to make sure we support you in any body inclusive way eg. seating, accessibility, dietary requirements)



  • Each day will begin at 9am sharp and finish at 4:30pm

  • Location can be found on the booking forms - NYC in in Midtown Manhattan, and San Diego is in Del Mar

  • If you are not a Dietitian, you are MORE than welcome. I am very familiar speaking with other professionals and you will find many of the same ideas highly applicable

  • Each location has a maximum of 50 participants to optimise a high quality experience. I will hold a waitlist if you miss out on a ticket.

  • If you came to one of the 2018 Body Image workshops I hosted with Marci Evans, great news! This workshop will build on (but not duplicate) content we discussed. The Body Image workshop, in full PLUS MORE, is now available online with special deals for past participants.

  • As a non-US resident, I am not able to provide CEU's (I'm so sorry!), but I commit to offering a high quality workshop will I hope you'll find super valuable.

  • Please contact me for workplace group discounts



About Your Host

Fiona Sutherland, Director of The Mindful Dietitian is a highly experienced clinician, presenter and facilitator. Bringing a variety of skills and teaching styles, you can expect a dynamic and interactive learning environment where your needs are prioritised.

Fiona brings 20 years of experience and insight into the dilemmas and complexities of working with humans, and has accumulated specialisations in Mindfulness, Body Image, Eating Disorders and eating behaviour. Fiona teaches into the Masters level Dietetic programs in teaching programs in Melbourne, Australia and has a special passion for supporting students and grads explore what it means to approach work life from a place of courage, insight and human-centered care.

More about Fiona here.