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BodyWise Professionals Retreat HAWAII

BodyWise Professionals Retreat with Kimberly Dark

June 9-14th 2019

Big Island, Hawaii

Join Kimberly Dark, sociologist, facilitator and yoga teacher for the Body Wise Wellness Retreat, a five-day experiential retreat where we practice caring for ourselves in order to care better for others. We'll use writing, nature and movement to help uncover what makes our work effective, and how to grow in both skill and compassion. We'll explore the influence of social hierarchies and power imbalance on our work. Chances are there are some areas in which you are expert - either because of your experiences or training. In other ways, you'll be surprised by your vulnerability. We'll work on uncovering unconscious bias and explore our own intersections of privilege and oppression and how they influence who we are to others. We'll also rest, write, meditate, move, spend time in water and nurture ourselves and each other on the journey.

Later Event: June 12
EDRDPro Round Table