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RAVES Workshop Melbourne - Shane Jeffrey

RAVES Workshop hosted by Shane Jeffrey, River Oak Health

The RAVES Eating Model is a robust and evidence informed framework that supports the development of positive food relationships. With over ten years of real world application the RAVES eating model has been adopted by dietitians, psychologists, general practitioners and psychiatrists across a variety of clinical populations. Having been presented at both the national and international level, the RAVES eating model provides a no frills, step-by-step approach to challenging diet culture.

This interactive workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of how the RAVES eating model was developed, and how it can be applied clinically both as a stand alone model and in conjunction with a variety of behaviour change strategies to support sustainable dietary change when working in areas of eating disorders, the non diet approach, and chronic disease.

Melbourne: May 24-25 2019

Brisbane, June 7-8 2019

Sydney, June 21-22 2019