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Non Diet Approach Workshop For Dietitians (Perth)

  • Fremantle Perth Australia (map)

Hosted by Fiona Sutherland & Fiona Willer

Day 1: Weight Science, Non Diet Principles to Practice

Day 2: Communication & Social Justice Frameworks

Due to the success of the two day series over the last few years, Fiona Willer (Health Not Diets) and Fiona Sutherland (The Mindful Dietitian) will continue to offer two types of non-diet approach workshops designed especially for dietitians. The first is a two day workshop for dietitians who have not previously attended non-diet approach training, or who may like some revision and an update on research.  The Day 2 workshop is suitable for those who are looking to extend and consolidate their skills. The workshops are on consecutive days so that you can choose to come to both day 1 and 2, or just day 2. 

Day 1:

With a thorough exploration of the evidence base as well as experiential and self reflective activities, this event will support to you develop sound foundational competence in using the Non Diet Approach with your clients and patients. This practical workshop is perfect for Dietitians working in private practice, weight management clinics & clinical outpatient services. Includes a copy of The Non Diet Approach Guidebook for Dietitians

Find out about:

  • The history of Health At Every Size (HAES) ® & Non Diet Approaches

  • Research informing the Non Diet Approach, evidence base & practice-based research possibilities

  • The five core components of the Non Diet Approach in detail

  • Specific strategies, tools & worksheets to use with your clients

  • The most common tripping points

  • Specifically how to integrate the Non Diet Approach into the Nutrition Care Process including nutrition diagnosis & PESS statement development

Day 2:

Suitable for anyone who has attended Day 1 at any time, this full day workshop is designed both as a next step from the Day 1 foundational training as well as ongoing skill development for more experienced Non Diet Approach practitioners.

In 2019, our theme is Social Justice & Communication (new material)

Non Diet Approach is a practice framework built within the Health At Every Size ® paradigm, with a strong social justice foundation. Together, we will explore social justice both as an idea, and as a practice & how it intersects with Non Diet Approach-based care. Starting off with definition of terms, we’ll dig into some of the nuance & complexity of promoting equity & justice for all bodies in a culture which can make this really tough! We’ll offer not only our own experience, but provide you with a ton of resources you can explore in your own time to more deeply embed these ideas into your practice.

Using various frameworks, we will discuss & explore ways we can more effectively communicate with clients, colleagues & health practitioners so that we feel more grounded and confident in our messaging. Calling upon evidence-based care AND social justice frameworks, we want you to leave feeling like you can have tough conversations from a place of kindness & stability.

Don’t worry if you haven’t integrated Non Diet into every element on your practice (we understand that it takes time, or it may all be very new!) – this workshop will support you to build confidence & work through sticking points.

Bring your questions, and we’ll make sure to allocate time for digging in, as well as networking & enjoying delicious food!