Ep 1 - Fiona Willer


Please join me for this very first episode of The Mindful Dietitian Interview Series, featuring inspiring fellow Australian Health At Every Size Dietitian Fiona Willer, Director of Health Not Diets and author of The Non Diet Approach Guidebook for Dietitians. Here Fiona shares

  • Her journey to being a HAES Dietitian

  • What we're doing well, and where we're going wrong

  • Valuable tips on diplomatic advocacy

  • Her dreams for our profession


About Fiona:

Fiona's mission is to empower health professionals to adopt weight neutral practice by providing support and training in how and why to do so.  As an accomplished Accredited Practising Dietitian and university lecturer in nutrition and dietetics, she values nourishment, autonomy, authenticity and evidence based practice. Fiona is the author of two non-diet approach guidebooks for health professionals and The Non-Diet Approach Model, which operationalizes the Health at Every Size (R) principals for clinical practice.  Fiona’s PhD research cemented her resolve that weight neutral approaches should be part of every clinician’s skill set and continues to inform the professional development workshops and training she provides through her business, Health Not Diets (www.healthnotdiets.com). Her advocacy work includes being the current Vice-President International of the Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH), current Secretary of HAES Australia and maintaining a following on Twitter (@FionaWiller) and Facebook (Health Not Diets).  Fiona has great enthusiasm for demolishing weight biased research and overusing food and eating metaphors in everyday life.

You can find Fiona: