Do your clients all seem to want to lose weight?


Are you finding that a vast majority of your clients who are coming to see you are wanting to lose weight, or change their body somehow? Even the ones who've done it all (for years!), been on the diet merry-go-round and know how it all works? EVEN the ones who know about mindful eating or intuitive eating, the Non Diet Approach or Health At Every Size (R)? Yep. Me too, so I really get it.
It's not frustrating. Well, OK, Sometimes it is. But most of all, it's predictable right? We live in a culture which sends such strong messages about what a "healthy body" looks like, and it's important that we hold compassion for our clients who have been making attempts at feeling better about their bodies, but have fallen prey to our cultures BS about "how" they get there (ie' change your body!). Our role really is to help our clients get out of their heads and back into their bodies, a place from where they can draw on their wisdom and experience and probably most importantly of all, develop resilience to live in a world which hammers us with body messages hundreds of times each day. 

Here is a short chat (I think the cool kids call it a "vlog?") about how we can work alongside these clients, and stay aligned with Non Diet principles. Would love to hear what you think.