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Regulate, Relate, Educate: Somatic Coaching in Eating Disorder Recovery

Hosted by Tracy Brown,RD Somatic Nutrition, IE and Body Image Specialist

*Prerequisite: Non-Diet Decoding & Counseling Skills

During this 12 Week Course

  • Help clients reduce negative self talk, anxiety around food and weight change

  • Improve motivation to engage in coaching

  • Enhance client’s ability to listen and to respond to inner landscape and physical selves

  • Understand polyvagal and attachment theory to help decrease client confusion about their physical experiences of low energy, inability to slow down and health concerns

  • Work within clients window of tolerance and resiliency

  • Contain arousal of fight or flight system

  • Help clients stay in the here and now with food and body experiences

  • Cutting edge techniques to go at the pace of your client’s nervous system to make lasting change with food and health behaviors

  • Address sensory issues that prevent positive behaviors with food

  • Bring safety to client experiences so they don’t get overwhelmed

  • Learn how to repair mis-attunements in the relationship

  • Tools to give to clients between sessions for consistent growth

  • Learn to teach experiential exercises to promote your clients ability to track their own systems

  • Address when clients say, “part of me ___, part of me ___”