Mindful Eating + Body Healing + Nourishing Values

Mindful Eating + Body Healing + Nourishing Values


Mindful Eating Cards

Designed and produced by me, these Mindful Eating cards are intended as a way to support your clients to raise awareness of eating behaviours, set intentions for meals or days and as positive reminders for eating mindfully.
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Body Healing Cards

The Body Healing Cards were, until now, used exclusively as part of the Body Healing workshops facilitated by Fiona Sutherland & Marci Evans through 2018. Now, you can own your own copy even if you weren't able to make it to the workshops. Each card offers kind & divserse reminders of the ways we can take care of our bodies from a place of kindness & compassion. The pack also features contributions for amazing Dietitans from all over the world!

Nourishing Values Cards

NEW in 2019! Values are important ways we can connect with what is most meaningful to us, including our relationship with food and eating. This 54 pack can be used in many ways to support your clients and groups to explore nourishing themselves from a more heart-centered values-based place.

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