Ep 46 - Anna Lutz RD


Anna Lutz on protective nutrition education and bringing embodiment into practice

Why the area of Protective Nutrition Education became her passion.

How Protective Nutrition education can protect against internalised weight stigma and eating disorders.

How well-intentioned education interventions in schools can be doing our children harm and what we can do as Dietitians to minimise this.

Why we need to take into account a child’s level of development when we are planning nutrition education, just like educators do for any other area of learning.

How prioritising food experiences, exploration and diversity in both food cultures and body appearance are so important when teaching children about food.

Why parents and educators are just as important to educate about nutrition as children.

How Anna uses Sensory Motor Psychotherapy and how it can be a useful tool for Dietitians working in the Eating Disorders space.

Anna explains the Window of Tolerance model and how this can be useful to understand the underpinnings of eating disorders, particularly with a background of trauma.