Ep 41 - Tom Scully


Tom shares his journey to dietetics and finding the non-diet/HAES approach, starting a private practice, working with men in fertility health, navigating masculinity norms, narratives and gender in dietetics, understanding cultural competence and how we can do better, the importance of improving education and speaking out and what’s holding us back? 

Here Tom shares:

  • Relocating to Geelong from Melbourne

  • His journey to dietetics, finding the non-diet/HAES approach and starting a private practice.

  • Working with men in fertility health; the importance of reducing shame and holding a safe space for sharing.

  • Navigating masculinity norms with clients.

  • Narratives and gender in dietetics.

  • What our profession understands about cultural competence, what it doesn’t and how we can improve.

  • What’s holding us back as dietitians/professionals in this space?

  • How dietetic education could be improved overall and how we can set up conversations with students.

  • How we can begin to speak out more and push back.


More about Tom’s Facebook group for men ‘Are you man enough to be yourself?’.

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