Ep 34 & 35 - Darcy Jongebloed & Fi


In these two episodes, I chat with my student Dietitian-on-placement, Darcy Jongebloed about her experiences as a student, then she turns the tables on me to do a big ol' FAQ!!'


Recently graduated Darcy Jongebloed shares her experience of being a HAES-aligned student dietitian and the resource she developed using the Transtheoretical Model of Behaviour Change (see below)
Here Darcy & I speak about:

  • How Darcy first heard about HAES and non-diet approach.

  • The opportunities she has had whilst on placement and during her studies to learn more about the human experience and apply HAES/non-diet.

  • Developing a helpful resource, derived from the Transtheoretical model of behaviour change (Prochaska & DiClemente, 1983) to help support fellow student dietitians/nutritionists.

  • How the ‘stages of change’ may sound for those new to HAES/non-diet; students, professionals and clients.  

  • Some words of wisdom for other dietetic students



Episode 34

In this ep, the tables are turned and Darcy interviews Fi with all the burning questions about HAES and Non Diet practice.
Darcy asks:

  • Why is Fi a non-diet dietitian?

  • Has she always practiced from a non-diet lens?

  • Why Fi believe it’s essential that non-diet units are included in all dietetic courses.

  • The challenges she faces with students and peers who are very weight centric and opposed to HAES/non-diet and how she approaches them.  

  • Is HAES/non-diet a cult, extreme, black or white?

  • Does Fi ever talk about weight and size with her clients?

  • How to incorporate HAES/non-diet into areas where it is not so obvious such as clinical and sports dietetics.

  • Two key take-aways for dietetic students, which you can start applying now!

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