Ep 3 - Deb Blakley


Deb is Director of Kids Dig Food, and is a Brisbane-based Family Dietitian who is passionate about supporting grown-ups (parents, carers & early childhood educators) to positively & joyfully connect or reconnect with food & eating and share this with the children in their care.

In our conversation from her comfy couch with cups of tea in hand, we talk about:

  • Why Deb calls herself a "Family Dietitian"

  • Deb's personal insight into how and why she's ended up being so passionate about supporting parents and families

  • The core principles of Feeding Dynamics

  • How we can support parents who are struggling with their food and body issues without them feeling blamed or shamed.

  • Deb's passion for helping all kids feel good in their bodies

  • Why she is convinced that bringing a weight-neutral approach to our work is absolutely vital

And much more


More about Deb Blakley:

Deb believes that ALL bodies are amazing, and she applies a weight-neutral, non-diet approach in supporting kids to grow into the bodies that are right for them. Her approach supports parents, carers, families & educators to make decisions about nutrition and health from a place of care & consideration rather than control.  Deb is particularly skilled at working with children and families who are struggling with fussy eaters, problem feeders, children with sensory feeding issues (e.g. ASD, Aspergers Syndrome, ADD/ADHD) and children with weight concern. 

You can find Deb here:
Or on Facebook @kidsdigfood