Ep 25 - Edie Shreckngast


Edie shares her lived experience as a runner and triathlete and the journey to becoming a Sports Dietitian, healing her relationship with food and body, the pressures attached to the athletic setting, applying the HAES/non-diet approach when working with athletes, the influence of social media and navigating athlete difficulties across the life-span.  

Here Edie shares:

  • Her experience as a runner and triathlete and how this lead to an interest in nutrition and becoming a Sports Dietitian.

  • The natural transition to finding healing in her relationship with food and body and the HAES/non-diet approach.

  • The pressures encountered by female athletes from her personal lived experienced and client work.  

  • The athletics settings; a culture within a culture, the underground diet mentality, expectations and the identity crisis.   

  • Using social media to understand client influencers and as a way to connect.

  • Self-comparison and the blame towards body composition for low performance rather than considering under-fuelling.

  • Sports science and research; the harmful message that “anything that is new; works”

  • Working with athletes at different life stages, considering social pressures, culture backgrounds and resources.

  • Overall the use of HAES/Non-diet principles in sports nutrition and how to start.

  • Working with athletes in weight classes and with body composition demands and the use of the ‘car’ analogy.  


More about Edie:

Edie (Edith) Shreckengast is from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA. Edie is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist specialising in the area of Sports and Performance. Using her own experience as a runner and triathlete, Edie is able to connect with her clients in supporting nourishment from a performance perspective but also by discouraging the thin ideal and food restriction by promoting a healing relationship with food and body and sustainable behaviours which encourages eating and activity for enjoyment and pleasure.  

Connect with Edie: