Ep 17 - Tracy Brown


Tracy Brown on attunement, somatic-based nutrition therapy, trauma and moving away from shame through connecting with the body's wisdom. PLUS a NEW BONUS meditation!

Please join me as I speak with the passionate Tracy Brown of Florida, USA. Tracy is a registered dietitian, eating disorder specialist, body image and attuned eating coach who also specialises in the unique practice of somatic nutrition therapy.

Here Tracy shares:

  • The bigger scope; leading clients to trust their bodies for life

  • Importance of attunement and mindful presence in nutritional practice

  • Being comfortable with mess; the art of knowing when to use cognitive and counselling/mindful skills

  • Client journey and recovery; importance of patience, non-judgment, compassion,helping them feel seen and heard

  • Diet-culture in practice; using it to reprogramme and show clients they have a power and choice – they are in charge!

  • Trauma; introduction to Big T’s and Little T’s

  • An introduction to somatic nutrition therapy; things getting stuck in the nervous system - a transformation of neural pathways, not just strategies for coping

  • Recognising client needs and what they are ready for; making their choices okay for them by building safety

  • Shame; how it arrives, recognising it, sitting with it and bringing it out in the open for healing

  • Her new project!

BONUS - leads us in a meditation to help us find our centre and connect with our innate sense of worthiness