Ep 15 - Megan Bray


Please join me as I speak with the immensely passionate Megan Bray of Food Mind Body Queensland. As a registered dietitian and trainer, Megan supports eating disorders recoveries through a diet-free and body positive approach, whilst also using her own lived experience to reduce shame and support her clients through compassion and empathy.

Here Megan shares:

  • Her journey to Prague for the June 2017 International Conference on Eating Disorders and importance of bringing the community together for ‘rich discussions’ to improve client approaches and recovery

  • The focus on diagnoses; we need to shift towards an individualised approach

  • Looking outside the manualised approach; Practise Based Evidence and how the theory can be applied

  • Her lived eating disorder recovery experience and why it’s important to see a dietitian during recovery

  • How sharing your own shame and vulnerabilities can creates a supportive, trusting environment and reduce client’s expectation of judgment

  • Advice for Dietetic/Nutrition students who are recovering or have an Eating Disorder

  • The emphasis on mentoring and supervision

  • Why we need practitioners to stop engaging in disordered eating behaviours

  • How ‘labels’ and ‘numbers’ can hinder recovery and how some behaviours need to be acknowledged as simply ‘human’

  • The power of images/photos and the feminist and body positive movement in opening our mind to size diversity and building self-worth.


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Food Mind Body

About Megan:

Megan Bray is a Brisbane based Dietitian and Co-Director of FMB Wellbeing, a practice specialising in eating disorder treatment and non-diet approaches to nutrition. Megan is a strong advocate for recovery, non-diet nutrition and body positivity, drawing on her own lived experience to support clients in finding their own food and body freedom. She believes empathy, compassion and openness are the foundation of supporting individuals with eating concerns. Beyond her work with FMB, Megan has undertaken research in the eating disorder field, works as a peer mentor with individuals pursuing recovery, and is active in the pro-recovery social media space. Megan's mission is to shift stereotypes around eating disorders, and help all people understand genuine recovery is possible for everyone.

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